The Girls



This stunning girl was our first Northern Inuit who was raised with puppy culture to give her the best start in life.

Keeki has won many rosettes over the year and she is keen to learn.

OSD3 clear and DM clear 


This young girl came to Inuita as she didn't fit in with her family,

We are pleased to say that Tala has settled in well into family life with a great friend of Inuita and is growing with confidence each day.

OSD3 clear and DM clear



This young boy is hopefully going to be Inuita's up and coming stud dog, to help the breed move forward, if all health tests are positive when he is old enough.

Ike is a very soft natured boy who is maturing nicely, with thanks to the breeder for helping him on his way, as he was puppy cultured. 

OSD3 clear and DM clear