About Us

Inuita pack is owned by Ross Braund-Phillips, based in North Devon.

Inuita is a family pack made up of a mix of breeds but mainly consists of Northern Inuits and recently with its first Akita joining the pack.


About Akitas

Akitas have a fascinating history with early records showing that these proud dogs were once not only highly prized as hunting and fighting dogs, but also as "good eating" in their native Japan. Their fur was used to make warm clothes and Akitas were also used by Japanese fishermen to herd fish into their nets


Past Litters


inuita doesn't have litters often but this gallery you can see past puppies with some so ideal to what I have produced over the years 


About Northern Inuits


Like all good stories this one starts with ‘Once Upon a Time a lady had a dream’. The lady in question was Edwina “Eddie” Harrison. Some people will tell you she was a wonderful woman who loved her dogs and cared for them well. Others will tell you she kept her dogs in terrible conditions.


Our Pack

Our pack consists of a wide mix of breeds with collies, cockers as well as northern Inuits and akitas but the other breeds are retired from working and enjoying their retirement 

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Northern Inuit International Unleashed


The Northern Inuit Association is one of the few independent breeding clubs that are involved in breeding the Northern Inuit Dog. This very special breed is not recognised by any Kennel Club as yet but we are planning to change this at some point in the future.